December 14, 2014

I first met Sara and Dennis at a open house for Kindred Oaks earlier this year. Our first conversation felt I was catching up with old friends/family and we all instantly hit it off. With positive attitudes and amazing smiles I knew there wedding was going to be special.

Their wedding last night was nothing short of magical.  Perfect weather. A special “First Look”, Big, fun families, kilts and most of all a bride and groom that looked like movie stars. Last night was also a night of  milestones:

-Kindred Oaks hosted their first wedding 11 years ago

-12-13-14 was the last sequential calendar day for 88 more years

-This one isn’t nearly as exciting but it was the last wedding of 2014 for Jetter Photography

I had multiple people last night say I have the best job and I truly feel that  photographing weddings. Sounds cliche but I love meeting families, guests from far away places,  and the raw emotion/energy of the day.

Congrats Sara & Dennis!



Photographers: Buster Jetter and Elise Janicek

Venue: Kindred Oaks

Flowers: ZuZu’s Petals

Hair & Makeup: Divaz Fabula

IMG_3494 IMG_3504 IMG_3517 IMG_3572 IMG_3674 IMG_3727 IMG_3819 IMG_3898 IMG_3954 IMG_3972

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