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  • Kate & Jared Wedding

  • As a father I know I would do anything to make my daughter happy. Coach her volleyball team, make sure Mrs. Claus brought her a puppy and build her a dollhouse... Kate's dad and family built her a wedding venue! A custom 40x40 open air dance floor, c[...]
  • Hill Country Wedding

  • It's been awhile since I've posted but taking pics, deliverables and rest takes precedence over blogging but it sure is fun to share images with everyone. I photographed an amazing ceremony and reception this weekend at Chapel Dulcinea and Memory Lan[...]
  • Wimberley, TX Engagement Portrait

  • When I was a kid we would spend summer weekends in Wimberley swimming at Blue Hole, dancing at Fischer Hall, gazing at Jacobs Well, shopping and eating with family and friends. It's one of the main reason's I live in the Hill Country to this day. Wim[...]
The art of architecture The art of architecture
  • The art of architecture

  • Photographing a well designed home with well thought out architecture is like photographing the perfect beach with an amazing sunset. The eastside of Austin has some amazing bungalows mixed in with funky, rustic farmhouses and ultra modern homes. I p[...]