Rancho Mirando Location Shoot

January 7, 2015

Yesterday I was  hired by  Rancho Mirando to come out and capture some images of their new ceremony site (amazing), olive grove(cool), reception pavilion(spacious with really cool sliding doors and windows) & more. It was a very welcome day as I’ve been swamped with post-production/admin work. I photographed the entire venue from 6:30am-7:30pm and loved every second of it. If you happen to have a new ring on your finger and want to marry the love your life at an amazing venue in Texas…look no further. www.ranchomirando.com 

Hungry for lunch/dinner when you’re in that neck of the woods? Try Milagro‘s at the corner of FM32/RR12..it’s really good!



IMG_0637 IMG_0647 IMG_0767 IMG_0947 IMG_0952 IMG_0959 IMG_0969 IMG_1039 IMG_1100 IMG_1122 IMG_1178 IMG_1213

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