Buster’s Photo Booth!

December 10, 2014

Photography is fun as hell. Not the cliche things like fast lenses, new gadgets, & carbon fiber stuff. It’s the creative moments, the beauty of the unexpected, meeting new people and making new friends. Photo Booths are no different…they bring people together to have a good time. I’ve had so many people ask if I have a Photo Booth lately that I finally went out and bought one! Big step since I’d rather buy a new lens or camera  but it was such a fun purchase I went for it.

I didn’t take long to get a really cool logo from Scooter Thompson and a amazing site from my wife Kellie. I’m very excited to present www.bustersphotobooth.com! We worked hard to make it fun, easy to use and most of all affordable. Rates begin at $950 and the sky is the limit with fun props, books, prints, & custom branding. So if you or your company has a event (Christmas, New Year’s party etc.) coming up and are considering a photo booth please give me a call and lets…   Play. Pose. Snap. (that’s my fancy new tagline courtesy of Jennifer Graf).

Thanks a bunch and enjoy!





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