High School Sweethearts

March 11, 2018

These days there is something to be said about marrying your high school sweetheart. You know deep down inside if you love someone that long it’s got to be real. As Austen’s mom mentioned in her toast last night there is no hidden agenda with Austen. He is quiet and reserved but fiercely dedicated and completely in love with Nikki. Speaking of Nikki! I met her 6 years ago when I was photographing her big sisters wedding. Now you have to understand there is something in their gene pool because her whole family has amazing smiles so I couldn’t wait to photograph their family again.

Needless to say last night was amazing with tons of donuts, nieces & nephews and best of all a couple that is truly in love.



Venue: The Milestone

Coordinator and Flowers: Ceasar with Dream Weddings




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