Rain rain go away!

June 29, 2015

The Austin area has received a silly amount of rain this spring/summer which is great for important things like lakes, nature and well ya know human survival but why can’t it rain at night and only during the week?! Mother Nature knows no schedule and certainly doesn’t mind raining the day of a wedding but the show must go on!

I photographed Ben & Chelsea’s wedding last night and man did it rain. It rained to the point a road getting to the venue was closed and everything had to be moved inside. It happens but when your at a amazing venue like Kindred Oaks your heart is set on being outside. Best part about everyone involved is they realized its all ok. They will still be husband and wife wether the wedding is inside or out, rain or shine. The rain cleared up after the ceremony and we had a beautiful sunset…everything worked out!

Congrats Ben & Chelsea!ben-1 ben-2 ben-3 ben-4 ben-5 ben-6 ben-7 ben-8 ben-9 ben-10 ben-12 ben-13 ben-14 ben-15 ben-16 ben-17 ben-18 ben-19 ben-20 ben-21 ben-22 ben-23 ben-24 ben-25 ben-26 ben-27



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