Fun Facts About Me
  • Fun Facts About Me

    • My full name is Nelson Eugene Jetter, Jr, but I go by Buster.
    • My camera is glued to my body, hands and face at all times.
    • I’m convinced chips and salsa qualify as a meal.
    • I’m hooked on Crossfit ... hooked.
    • I think armadillos are the funniest animals ever.
Telling Stories
  • Telling Stories

  • I've always seen my surroundings in the frame of a scene. My goal with every image is to tell a story. I do this by connecting with a moment in time through emotion, creativity, lighting and compelling images. For me, photography never goes to sleep. It is part of my everyday world.
Road to Photography
  • Road to Photography

  • I took my first photography class in college and was sold! I began several documentary projects and with my camera always in tow, I earned my B.A. in Photography. Right out of school, I began photographing commercial products and continued for about 3 years. I then went solo and opened Jetter Photography in 2001. My current focus is commercial, portraits, weddings and my own personal work.