Wimberley, TX proposal

January 3, 2017

Proposal’s are photography gold. They are emotional, raw, unscripted and most of all a pure joy to photograph. As soon as a knee is taken everything is off the table. Will she cry, scream, laugh, cuss, drop her purse or all the above?!

As soon as Ashley walked out of the Airstream and saw a trail of candles and rose petals she knew Ryan was up to something. Nothing could have prepared her for what he was about to do. Completely surprised and in shock, she was literally weak in the knees.

When Ryan first contacted me I was in Hawaii photographing a proposal and we quickly made plans to visit when I returned. Now pay attention guys b/c Ryan did this up right! He rented a Airstream just outside of Wimberley thru Airbnb, planned out a fake dinner to Austin (so Ashley would be dressed up for photos), created a trail of candles and rose petals, booked a photographer (thanks!), purchased a bottle of Dom Perignon and a bottle of wine and dinner that night at the Airstream! Game on y’all!

Icing on the cake….they had a dog named Buster.


Buster (the photographer not the dog!)


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