Friends, family & paradise.

February 19, 2016

Friends & family are everything. They are the ones that support, cheer and gladly fly over 2,000 miles to see you marry the love of your life in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Best part about it…wifi is not so good. Time to tell stories, relax on the beach, stare at the endless sunsets, grab a drink, surf, swim, snorkel and do anything that doesn’t involve a app.

When I first met Will & Brittney at a South American cafe in south Austin I knew this adventurous couple would be a blast to work with.  They have a passion for life, love and each other.

From the moment you entered Casa Bali with its grand staircase you knew this wedding was going to be special. Located on the side of an ancient volcanic hill and loaded with views of Tamarindo Bay, the house was nothing short of breathtaking. The perfect location for a destination wedding.

Costa Rico is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve been to in my short time on this earth. I can’t wait to back to the black sand beaches, trees that seem to touch the sky and monkeys! Did I mention there are monkeys!

Pura vida!


P.S. Can’t forget the peeps that helped put this amazing wedding together…Misty did a phenomenal job with the day of the wedding coordination and all the vendors she recommended. Even though there was a solid 20mph wind the entire day Vicky did a wonderful job with hair and makeup. Costa Rican food is a important part of the culture and Frank and Tabitha made sure all the americans went home with  happy hearts and full stomachs!


Photographer: Buster Jetter   Venue: Casa Bali    Coordinator: Misty Maxwell with Pura Vida Weddings

Catering: Frank & Tabitha with Belly Fed Better Hair & Makeup: Vicky with Famous points beauty salon


IMG_1735 IMG_1741 IMG_1774 IMG_1916

IMG_1954 IMG_2002 IMG_2092 IMG_2155 IMG_2178 IMG_2187 IMG_2281 IMG_2321


IMG_2339-Edit IMG_2358 IMG_2455 IMG_2462 IMG_2584 IMG_2654-Edit IMG_2674 IMG_2796 IMG_2883 IMG_2892 IMG_2930 IMG_2942 IMG_2954 IMG_2968 IMG_2996 IMG_3262 IMG_3493 IMG_3496 IMG_3501 IMG_3656





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February 22, 2016 by Sam

Great pictures, Buster! One criticism: not enough photos of me by myself. Too many other people and objects in the background, foreground, or slightly in frame. Imagine how much better that picture of the bride and groom staring lovingly into each other’s eyes in front of their matrimonial alter would be if you removed the officiant, the bride, the groom, the alter, the plants, all matter, and placed me in the resulting vacuum looking pensive or even triumphant! Pura Vida!

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