Sean & Ashley Bryan, TX Wedding

August 31, 2016

One of the best things about photographing weddings is getting to know the families. To help everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, I get to know not only the bride and groom but   parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins. This of course is just one piece of a grand puzzle that makes weddings successful.

I first met Sean & Ashley at Ashley’s brothers wedding last year and a short time after that I got a call from Ashley’s mom and I was so honored they called. It sucks getting to know a family so well during wedding and not seeing everyone again!

The wedding and reception were located outside of Bryan, Tx at a beautiful venue called the Inn at Quarry Ridge. As we drove from Austin thru pouring rain I was a little worried about the weather but had faith the weather would hold out.

Even though there was a 80% chance of rain and the humidity was 100% that didn’t phase these Aggies. Always in love and staying positive never did they complain about the heat. Sean sucked it up and took photos outside in a full suit while Ashley couldn’t wait to get outside even thou dark clouds loomed overhead. Even though all the chairs had been put up and the guests stood, it all worked out as the rain paused for these two as they tied the knot with short and sweet ceremony.

Even though I didn’t attend A&M and have my fair share of Aggie jokes I love the camaraderie of The Aggie War it makes for good pics!

Enjoy and congrats!


IMG_4705 IMG_4735
IMG_6435 IMG_4788 IMG_4806 IMG_4892-Edit IMG_4922 IMG_4941-Edit

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