Sarah & Craig Wedding

December 23, 2015

“We’re gonna warn ya. The wedding guests will be a mix of old school Dripping Springs hippies and a Mariachi band.” Needless to say I was hooked and I’ve never seen so many people dance as long as they did. It was photography bliss.

Now I’ve seen hundreds of different types of center pieces…all of them creative and unique but this one topped them all. Sarah’s family and staff decorated each table with custom pottery with the bride & groom’s logo and a medley of succulents. They also created 150ish small pieces with a candle or succulents  for each guest to take home as a gift. Sarah’s parents own Sunset Canyon Pottery  on the outskirts of Dripping Springs and they have some amazing pottery.

As if that wasn’t enough Sarah and Craig are heartwarming, fun, in love and best of all photograph very well. I’ll never forgot their wedding as it was truly unique!

Congrats guys!


Venue: Memory Lane Event Center

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