Rick & Liz

August 19, 2015

Rick & Liz’s relaxed Texas wedding/reception was more of a party with friends & family than a traditional reception with cheesy introductions & same ol’ songs by a DJ. There was no timeline. Things happened organically. Music was a playlist on iPod. It was natural, comfortable and most of all the pleasant for everyone involved.

Now I’ve photographed weddings during all types of weather… humid, cold, hot, torrential downpours and the perfect temperature… all the while wearing a suit or in the least slacks and a dress shirt. Don’t get me wrong I love getting dressed up to photograph a classic wedding in a upscale hotel or venue, especially to go on dates with my wife but, my ideal getup is comfort….think flip flops, shorts (no cargo shorts I have some class!) and a T-Shirt so when Rick mentioned the dress code for their wedding/reception was flips flops, shorts and a button up shirt to the reception I was beyond excited. It was a little toasty but not when wearing shorts and a linen shirt!

Congrats guys!




IMG_6925 IMG_6929 IMG_6931 IMG_6970 IMG_6994 IMG_7033 IMG_7048 IMG_7060 IMG_7074 IMG_7102 IMG_7104 IMG_7271 IMG_7317 IMG_7451 IMG_7467 IMG_7538 IMG_7561 IMG_7601 IMG_7637 IMG_7731 IMG_7752 IMG_7772 IMG_7802 IMG_7936 IMG_7996

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