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Mike & Angela Mike & Angela
  • Mike & Angela

  • "Do you have the ring?" That is the LAST question a wedding photographer wants to see/hear the best man ask...especially DURING the ceremony. It's like kryptonite for the best man to not have the ring. As I frantically searched my pockets (while s[...]
Sean & Ashley Bryan, TX Wedding Sean & Ashley Bryan, TX Wedding
  • Sean & Ashley Bryan, TX Wedding

  • One of the best things about photographing weddings is getting to know the families. To help everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, I get to know not only the bride and groom but   parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins. This o[...]
Cara & Kyle Cara & Kyle
  • Cara & Kyle

  • Movies are dramatic if not down right ridiculous sometimes. Ever seen a action adventure movie and the bad guy falls thru 4 stories of a building and then gets up slowly like it was no big deal? I stub my toe and I'm down for a week. The circumsta[...]
Tracy & Casey and of course Cooper! Tracy & Casey and of course Cooper!
  • Tracy & Casey and of course Cooper!

  • Dogs know people. They sense if your not feeling well, stressed, leaving on a trip or in love. Casey's dog Cooper is no exception. Cooper embraced Tracy with open paws. He trusts Tracy with his kindness, character, and of course with Casey. Tracy [...]
Kaylee & Hayden Kaylee & Hayden
  • Kaylee & Hayden

  • Photographing Kaylee & Hayden in San Marcos for their engagement photos at at their wedding at Terrace Club in Dripping springs I realized something special. They are in love no doubt, but its a comfortable relationship between them that makes it[...]
Girdwood, Alaska Wedding Girdwood, Alaska Wedding
  • Girdwood, Alaska Wedding

  • When I first spoke with Cody & Cynthia about their wedding at Kindred Oaks in Austin I was very honored that solely based on my work and a phone call (that felt like I was speaking with a old friend rather than someone I had never met) they hired[...]
Zach & Amy Zach & Amy
  • Zach & Amy

  • Joy, laughter, family and having a blast are what Zach & Amy tick. Those are the things that keep us going and Zach & Amy are no strangers to that. The day of the wedding just had that special feel to it. Everyone was relaxed, the guys wer[...]
Danielle & Victor Engagement Portrait Danielle & Victor Engagement Portrait