Kevin & Madison’s Cricket Hill wedding

March 15, 2016

Kevin has the type of job we dream about as kids and respect as adults. He is a firefighter in Houston  protecting our homes, businesses and most of all our families. That type of commitment, honor and integrity was evident with Madison, his family and their English lab, Gunner.

Saturday was a blast and the day couldn’t have gone better…with clear skies, amazing Texas BBQ and 6 different types of cupcakes, guests from all over Texas ate, drank and danced the night away. It was a honor to photograph these amazing families!

Congrats guys and enjoy!



Photographer: Buster & Elise

Venue: Cricket Hill Ranch

Cake & Cupcakes: Sugar Shack Bakery


1 2

IMG_4669 IMG_4698 IMG_4894 IMG_4928 IMG_4992 IMG_5111

IMG_4591 IMG_4621


3 5 IMG_3559 IMG_5365 IMG_5396 IMG_5509 IMG_5522 IMG_5527

IMG_3685 IMG_4009 IMG_3999 IMG_3786 IMG_4621 IMG_5666 IMG_5691-Edit IMG_5823 IMG_6127 IMG_4133


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