Happy Bride = Happy Photographer

March 17, 2014

There are certain things that remind me why I capture images on a daily basis. Wether it be a bride, newborn, family portrait or  a pic of our kids playing with our puppy. I try never to forget I’m not just taking a photo or capturing a image…I’m telling a story.

I received the following email from a bride after I sent her some teaser pics and haven’t stopped smiling since then!

Hey Buster,

I have to admit that in my 50 years on this earth I have never had a picture taken of myself that I like and I had prepared myself to be OK with whatever you took.  BUT you did it some how some way you managed to take pictures that I truly love!  For the first time I see in a picture how I want to see myself and hope people see me……thank you will never be strong enough words to express my gratitude.  
It was an honor to have you there and I look forward to a life time of events with you involved and a growing friendship.
Karen & Steve

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