Girdwood, Alaska Wedding

May 28, 2016

When I first spoke with Cody & Cynthia about their wedding at Kindred Oaks in Austin I was very honored that solely based on my work and a phone call (that felt like I was speaking with a old friend rather than someone I had never met) they hired me to photograph their wedding.

Fast forward to the early  2015  and I get a phone call from Cynthia that went something like this.:

“We’ve changed our wedding date.”

“Oh no I hope I have the date open!”

“Me too it’s on a Thursday.”


“…and we moved it to Alaska!”

If there was a emoticon of a photographer jumping up and down I would have overused that already but to say the least I was very excited! Cody & Cynthia made the decision to move their wedding from Texas to Alaska after watching a TV show on the shear beauty of the state. Weddings have taken me and my camera to Lake Tahoe, Costa Rica and Vancouver, British Colombia but never this far up north. Alaska is absolutely breathtaking, raw and most of all looks much different than Texas!

The first full day I was there the girls drove to Anchorage and I joined the guys on fishing trip out of Whittier with Prince William Sound Eco Charters. Needless to say the first 30min were surreal as it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve photographed and fished. That day we couldn’t keep any Halibut but we caught Rockfish and Ming Cod which is a fish that I would not want to meet in a dark alley! As fate, murphy’s law or whatever everyone  on the boat caught at least one fish, Cody didn’t catch anything. None of that mattered as he was just glad to be with friends and family in such a beautiful setting…plus the best catch of all was a day away.

That night of the rehearsal the wedding coordinator (who woke up that morning to find a bear & her cubs in her front yard) delivered the news that the ceremony location wasn’t going to work as the snow was 3ft deep and very soft. Welcome to a part of the world were you work around the weather. The next morning we scouted out a new location and the lodge was nice enough to find us some snowshoes  so we could take some pics on the snow.

From there everything was perfect.









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