Fortitude Fitness Shoot

February 19, 2015

Throughout my life I’ve been involved in sports wether it was volleyball, mountain biking, football or golf. Three years ago I started Crossfit and I’ve made so many friends throughout the process. Its demanding, fulfilling, supportive, fun and most of all keeps me ready for anything photography throws at me.

When I first started I was getting my butt kicked but there was always this ex Army Ranger guy cheering me on (along with our amazing coaches). Enter Athan Schindler with Fortitude Fitness. Dedicated, driven and most of all someone that will do everything he can to have you feeling better and looking better than ever with health, safety and camaraderie as the main goals.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing his new 7,000 sq ft gym and its nothing short of a crossfit dream gym. Enough about me and sports…check out the pics!


fortitude-17 fortitude-19 fortitude-33 fortitude-40 fortitude-54 fortitude-62 fortitude-82

fortitude-100 fortitude-118 fortitude-121 fortitude-141 fortitude-147 fortitude-154 fortitude-164 fortitude-170 fortitude-176 fortitude-180 fortitude-186

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