Danielle & Victor Engagement Portrait

April 29, 2016

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and it shows with Danielle who lives in Vegas and Victor who lives in Wyoming. With plans to move back together later this fall, I’m sure these two love birds can hardly wait!

I had never met them before but as soon as we met up we instantly hit it off. Victor was a little nervous to be photographed but after a drink at the Broken Spoke and a couple of pics he was a natural. The buildings around the Broken Spoke have changed in a major way but the soul of that Austin landmark will never change.

Enjoy Austin guys and congrats!


vegas-3 vegas-10 vegas-12 vegas-15 vegas-16 vegas-19 vegas-23 vegas-26 vegas-41 vegas-50 vegas-59 vegas-65 vegas-72 vegas-74

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