Crossfit Portraits

September 5, 2013

It’s not uncommon for me to have a 10-12 hour day photographing a wedding then have 2 or 3 portraits the following day. Climbing stairs, jumping on a wall to get a better perspective, keeping up with a busy bride and groom, carrying a 75lb suitcase full of lenses/cameras and all the while holding up to my eye a 10lb rig (camera/lens/flash) for hours can make for a sore back and tired hands!

In April 2012, as a birthday gift two friends pitched in and bought me a month membership to CSC Combine Crossfit in Austin, TX and I never stopped going. I’ve shed 10-15lbs and lost 1-2% body fat. Old injuries in my lower back, knees and wrists have never felt better. I feel lighter, faster and definitely stronger than ever….which in turn does wonders for the mentally/physically demanding world of photography.

Last week, I photographed my coaches and fellow athletes for CSC’s website. I’m photographing other Crossfit affiliates so stay reach out if you own a box!









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