Chip & Brooke’s Baytown Wedding

September 27, 2016

After watching some of the debate last night it was huge relive to see the joy, love and passion from Chip & Brooke’s wedding pics. It was everything the debate wasn’t…positive, relaxed, beautiful and most of all a blast! People always ask me if weddings are stressful, crazy and hard to photograph. War is hard to photograph. Weddings are the complete opposite of those things. They are a gathering of friends and family to celebrate with hugs, kisses, dancing and most of all laughter.

One of the best qualities of Chip and Brooke is their ease about them. Maybe because Chip is an accomplished musician and that alone requires passion and soul. Whatever it could be rain nor dirty diapers seemed to faze them and it was a pleasure to photograph their wedding. With their 18 month son in tow the entire night they laughed, cried and most all enjoyed one hell of a sunset over Tabbs Bay.

Speaking of passion and soul, check out this Ian Moore cover by Chip: Satisfied

We live in an amazing country with un-parralled freedom and Saturday was a perfect example of that.



Photographer’s: Buster  & Jordan

Venue: Plantation on Tabbs Bay

Photo Booth: Buster’s Photo Booth

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