Beth & Webb

February 23, 2015

Since I joined the crossfit community I’ve made tons of lifelong friends and Beth & her mom are def. in that category. Here’s the deal: this vibrant, beautiful bride is not shy of pull-ups, squats and sprints.

Beth and Webb’s families have known each other a long time and the amount of love, hugs, inside jokes, one-liners and stories was evident of their time spent together. The wedding was at Hyde Park Baptist Church, which is right in the middle of old neighborhood just north of downtown Austin. Its a part of town untouched by the hustle and bustle of downtown with sidewalks lined with towering oaks and pecan trees.

The pastor, whom is a family friend, said something really amazing at the ceremony….Webb is in construction and marriage is a lot like construction… planning, creating, evolving and building are the keys to a successful marriage.

After we left the church we headed west to the Barton Creek Country Club.  The reception was classic, timeless and one hell of a party. The band stopped at 10ish but this group could have kept going for another 4 hrs. BTW the band, London Calling had one of the best live versions of Upton Funk I’ve ever heard.

Everyone was so much fun to work with and I loved every minute of it…congrats guys! BTW check out her bridal portrait we took at Laguna Gloria…its been hard to not share that image!





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IMG_6599 IMG_6756 IMG_7187

IMG_7543 IMG_7788 IMG_7856

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