Adrianne & Ben’s Hill Country wedding

December 5, 2016


It’s how we handle the things we don’t plan for that makes us who we are. Adrianne and Ben certainly didn’t want it to rain on their wedding day but they both had faith they would still marry the person of their dreams.

For the past two years I have known Adrianne the two most important things are her daughter and the man she was to marry on a cool, rainy afternoon in December. Saturday was a day filled with love, laughter and the most of all family. They danced all night and the music never stopped…the perfect night. Even with a little rain.

Congrats and enjoy!


Photography: Buster Jetter

Venue: Terrace Club (once again amazing working with y’all!)

Florist: The Flower Studio (seriously?! So good to photograph such art.)

Photo Booth: Buster’s Photo Booth

Cake: Cake Rocks (really really good cake!)

DJ: Austin Classic DJ (no cheesy songs here!)


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